Fall Foliage Tour in Mallorca


Experience the beautiful autumn colors in Mallorca with this guided tour

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Mallorca, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, also offers a hidden gem for nature lovers - the Fall Foliage Tour. As the summer comes to an end, the island transforms into a colorful paradise with vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow. The Fall Foliage Tour in Mallorca is the perfect way to experience the beauty of autumn on this Mediterranean island. From scenic drives to hiking trails, there are plenty of opportunities to soak in the splendor of Mallorca's fall foliage.

1. Serra de Tramuntana

Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of Serra de Tramuntana, known for its picturesque villages and stunning mountain views. The fall foliage adds an extra layer of beauty to this already breathtaking landscape.


2. Valldemossa

Visit the charming village of Valldemossa, famous for its quaint streets and historic buildings. The fall foliage tour offers a unique opportunity to see this picturesque village in a new light.


3. Sóller

Take a scenic drive to the town of Sóller, surrounded by citrus groves and lush vegetation. The fall foliage tour offers a glimpse of the changing colors of the landscape.

4. Lluc Monastery

Visit the sacred Lluc Monastery, surrounded by forests ablaze with fall colors. The fall foliage tour offers a spiritual experience amidst the beauty of nature.


5. Campanet Caves

Descend into the underground world of the Campanet Caves, where stalactites and stalagmites are illuminated by the colors of the fall foliage. The fall foliage tour offers a unique perspective on the changing seasons.


6. Cap de Formentor

Drive to the northernmost point of Mallorca and witness the stunning views from Cap de Formentor. The fall foliage tour showcases the rugged cliffs and vibrant colors of the Mediterranean landscape.


7. Alcudia Old Town

Wander through the cobblestone streets of Alcudia Old Town, surrounded by ancient walls and colorful fall foliage. The fall foliage tour offers a step back in time amidst the changing seasons.


8. Sant Elm

Explore the seaside village of Sant Elm, known for its pristine beaches and stunning views. The fall foliage tour offers a unique perspective on the beauty of Mallorca's autumn colors by the sea.


9. Port de Soller

Relax in the seaside town of Port de Soller, surrounded by lush gardens and colorful fall foliage. The fall foliage tour offers a peaceful retreat by the sea amidst the changing colors of autumn.