Internet in Mallorca

Getting connected to the internet during your stay in Mallorca is no problem.  Most hotels provide either wired or wireless services, sometimes both, and frequently there's no extra charge for these - check first, though, as it's possible to run up big bills!  Internet cafés provide equipment, so you don't have to bring your own, but they tend to come and go so the best way of finding one is probably the local press or notices in newsagents and other popular places.

Wireless connections are available in many places, and the good news is that many of them are free!  Various municipalities, especially Palma, operate free services, and, although access may be limited to 30 minutes or so, it's just a matter of disconnecting and re-connecting, and you're back in business.  Places like libraries, rail and bus stations, hospitals, and some upmarket cafés also provide free services. See this list of wireless internet services in Mallorca, sortable by place, name, type of service and so on, or use this handy global Wi-Fi finder to track down a service in your area.