Fall Harvest Festivals in Mallorca


Celebrate the autumn season with these top harvest festivals in Mallorca

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Fall Harvest Festivals in Mallorca are a popular and vibrant celebration of the island's agricultural heritage and bounty. These festivals typically feature traditional music and dance, regional foods and drinks, crafts, and activities for all ages. To fully experience the rich culture and flavors of Mallorca during the harvest season, consider booking an activity to attend one of these festivals.

1. Fira de ses Salines

Fira de ses Salines is a salt fair held in the village of Ses Salines. This festival celebrates the salt production industry in Mallorca, with displays of traditional salt harvesting techniques. Visitors can buy artisanal salt products, taste salt-infused dishes, and enjoy live music and dance performances.


2. Fira de Tardor de s'Arenal

Fira de Tardor de s'Arenal is a fall fair held in the resort town of s'Arenal. This festival features a variety of activities including food and drink tastings, arts and crafts markets, live music and dance performances, and children's activities. Visitors can experience the festive spirit of Mallorca in a beachfront setting.


3. Fira de Tardor de Son Ferriol

Fira de Tardor de Son Ferriol is a fall fair held in the village of Son Ferriol. This festival features a market selling local produce, crafts, and products. Visitors can taste traditional foods, watch cooking demonstrations, and enjoy live music and cultural performances. This fair offers a taste of rural Mallorcan traditions.


4. Olive Oil Festival

The Olive Oil Festival is a celebration of Mallorca's olive oil production held in various towns across the island. Visitors can learn about the olive oil making process, taste different varieties of olive oil, and enjoy dishes made with locally produced olive oil. This festival is a great opportunity to savor the flavors of Mallorca's liquid gold.


5. Almond Blossom Fair

The Almond Blossom Fair is a traditional festival held in the town of Son Servera. This fair celebrates the blooming almond trees in Mallorca with flower exhibitions, almond tree tours, and tastings of almond-based products. Visitors can experience the beauty of Mallorca's countryside in the springtime.