Unforgettable Summer Adventures in Mallorca


Make the most of the sun and sea in Mallorca

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If youʻre booking your trip to Mallorca last minute, we have you covered. Below are some of the top tours and experiences!
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1. Hiking the Tramuntana Mountains

Get closer to nature by hiking through the breathtaking Tramuntana Mountains. Enjoy panoramic views of the island from its highest peaks, explore ancient villages, and marvel at the diverse flora and fauna. There are various well-marked trails suitable for different skill levels, ensuring an unforgettable hiking experience.


2. Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Calm Waters

Engage in a tranquil water activity by trying stand-up paddleboarding in the calm waters of Mallorca. Explore the coastal areas, glide over crystal-clear waters, and admire the beauty of the shoreline. Suitable for all ages and skill levels, this activity offers a unique perspective of the island's stunning scenery.


3. Horseback Riding on Pristine Beaches

Indulge in a romantic and serene horseback riding experience along the pristine beaches of Mallorca. With the sound of hooves in the sand and the gentle sea breeze, you can explore the coastline and admire the stunning views from a different perspective. Riding schools offer guided tours suitable for riders of all levels.


4. Hot Air Ballooning for Aerial Views

Soar high above Mallorca's landscapes and enjoy breathtaking aerial views by taking a hot air balloon ride. Experience the serenity of floating in the sky as you admire the island's beauty from a unique perspective. Many ballooning companies offer sunrise or sunset flights, providing an unforgettable experience.


5. Exploring the Old Town of Palma

Immerse yourself in history and culture by exploring the charming Old Town of Palma, Mallorca's capital city. Wander through narrow streets, admire medieval architecture, and visit historical landmarks such as the magnificent Palma Cathedral and Bellver Castle. Discover hidden squares, boutique shops, and traditional cafés along the way.